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How gloji will help you be smoke free

Discover a winning formula combining science and psychology to help you quit smoking for good.

Go smoke free with gloji stop smoking
You’re 25% more likely to quit using 2 quit aids!

Nicotine patches and more

Get the best chance of success by combining our support and digital programme with a quit aid to suit you. From nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, gum and lozenges to inhalers, tablets, sprays and more.


Quit smoking with gloji smoke free

Support from our mentors

Regular appointments when it suits you with our trained mentors who know what it’s like to deal with cravings and stress.

Quit smoking with gloji smoke free
gloji gym stop smoking support

Free online gym

Start moving more in gloji gym as your health improves while you quit smoking. Join live and on demand classes with everything from HIIT to yoga.

So much more than quitting






Free to join

Your local council trust our track record and expertise to transform your life so they pay for your place with gloji.

Spaces are limited so to keep it fair and make sure everyone who joins is fully in, we’ve got some eligibility criteria.

Can I join gloji smoke free?

The rules around who can join vary a little based on criteria like where you live or work.

The fastest way to find out if we’re a match is to
sign up and we’ll guide you step-by-step to find out if you qualify for a free place.

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